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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  January 5, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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umbrella the demonstrators set up. now, they are angry about at rests, and the lock down of the public building. >> this is our city hall. we have every right to go in there. >> unquestionable, harassment of peaceful protestors. everyone is arrested for a 148, obstruction of an officer. to come out of their way to arrest people. >> and. >> the first protestor came out to speak after three members of the interfaith delegation were allowed inside. those officials would not speak with us. and all of them declined to do an interview on camera. the mayor didn't return our calls. we will tell you this. we'll tell you that the videotape of the arrest, he says he'll share that video with us. we'll try to bring it to you
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at 6:00. >> thank you ai. group of senior citizens protested today outside of a bank of america. they identified themselves part of the 99% and demanded b of a stop foreclosure of homes in their area. they this was organized by occupy san francisco movement. they had community meetings to involve a wider spectrum of people. bank of america did not return abc 7's calls recording -- regarding the demonstration autos governor brown unveil aid new state budget after it was mistakenly posted online five days early. this calls for deep cuts in social programs to offset the projected deficit. and here are the largest cuts. $946 million in cal works program, 84 2dzs million in medical. $450 million in child care program autos we're have more
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needs and demands than the money available. so we have to now reduce needs and desires. some will be cuts z some will be borrowings. and some will be one time measures and some will be taxes. >> this plan banks on a one time increase and families earning more than $500,000. this raised state sales tax by half percent or five years. and if not approved, trigger cuts would kick in. the state republican party saying quote, californians have no reason to believe the budget is sincere and it lacks innovation as well as reforms. >> and rotten egg smell is back in concord once again linked to a crude oil pipeline leak that began first causing problems in november. and how bad is the odor now?
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>> there is no smell, there is no sign the most-recent return of the odor has anything to do with the new leak. now, this is the same location where there is a smell november 8th. and the pipeline that leaked is owned by conaco phillips. some work was done to patch the hole but that was suspended during the holiday this, week, when crews removed tarp that's covered the hole and faulty pipe, the strong smell was back. and irritating many who live in this area. >> as soon as i walked outside there was a wall of odor that smells like rotten eggs. my kids noticed and i've noticed it they're still cleaning up oil and stuff. and saturated soil there.
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and they also, some had a spill some of the codeine that coats the pipe was damaged. they had to recoat the pipe before being finished with this project. >> and a spokes woman told thus afternoon that clean up efforts associated with the leak in november are ongoing and once in a while we might hit a pocket of dirt that contains crude oil and produces an odor. now, we know both the hazardous materials spokes and air quality management district are monitoring this area what is going on here. the air district is taking a sampling at various points here. and there is no indication the sulphur smell poses a health hazard beyond irritation. and this is expected to go for a couple more week autos thank you very much. >> and the and abc 7 joins us
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live with the arguments presented today. >> the case is examining the statute of limitations that put time limits on conflicting lower court rulings on this case. so the diocese of oakland asked the supreme court to step in. >> tim says he was abused by a roman catholic priest but it took him 30 years to come forward. >> this causes severe injury that has life long affects, crippling injuries. sometimes, you don't understand that until decades later. >> he heads a survivors' network of those abused by priests. he came to the california supreme court. jus dises -- justices are deciding how late is too late.
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the case involved a late reverend who once served in hayward. six brothers say he molested them during 1970s but did not leak that to their psychological problems until 2006. that was three years after the california legislature extended the statute of limitations and opened a one-year window in 2003 for victims to sue. the spokesman for the diocese believes that means time is up. >> that statute of limitations in 2003 opened up that opportunity. gave hundreds and hundreds of people throughout the state their day in court. all but several of those cases were settled including many that included the diocese of oakland. >> he says the church has paid out millions. >> we accepted long ago, as did most other diocese in the united states, responsibility where there are victims and
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where there is proven guilt. we have a responsibility to those victim autos if the justices ruled brothers are barred because of the statute of rim taigss run out, that could stop another wave of clergy abuse lawsuits. cynthia says in 2007, she remembered being molested by a san diego priest as a little girl. >> they can try to put a statute of limitations on it but that statute of limitations is never going to take way what they took abaseway from us. >> the attorney for the six brothers says that they did not want to speak to abc 7 news today. and the priest in this scandal died in 2010. the supreme court justices have 90 days to rule. >> and one of the newly arrived bison in golden gate park died after being frightened by small dogs.
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and abc 7 pieces together what happened in the park. >> young bison enjoying a meal. they came to golden gate park in november. there were seven of them, now, there are just six, one died wednesday afternoon. it began when three small dogs got through one of the holes in the fence. >> a dog walker had several dogs off leash going to enter into the park. two dogs got under the fence and started herding bison for a while until i guess a ranger came and police came. >> the buffalo are scared of the dogs. the little dogs. the dogs were chasing them. then, the buffalo ran into the side of the railing and injured igts its self. >> the young bison suffered a large fwash on one side, good a foot long. a veterinarian confirmed he had three broken ribs and a mere seven hours later, the
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bison died and the cause of the death is under investigation. the dogs were being handle bid a professional dog walker cited for failing to use a leash and animal disturbance. >> i'm surprised it was a dog walker and what happened. >> this woman was in the dog park, designated off leash area. but most of the park is on leash. and here we encountered two dogs off leash. >> i don't know if i'm assuming it's off leash it's not marked. >> she says she has her dogs on leash where signs are posted. there are no plans yet about replacing the bison that died. >> and san francisco police are still on the lookout for a burglary suspect who gave them the slip. police say the man slid down a cliff in telegraph hill around sock last night.
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and officers spent the day trying to find him, never could pinpoint the location. they gave up about 7:00 deciding the risk was trying to arrest and wasn't worth it. they're trying to identify him now using fingerprints. >> and time for a first check of the forecast now. >> and there is two records to tell you about. moffett field and oakland. brlt day is over, it will be unseasonally warm. patchy fog tonight and low 50s to low 60s. first thing in the morning low clouds and fog. there are mid 30s and 40s. there is a high surf advisory going up. i'll be back with details in just a few minutes. >> thank you. >> and coming up next, encouraging news in the fight against cancer. latest statistics from experts
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tracking survival rates. >> a study of the vets and were sterilized. which had the worst record when it comes to losing your luggage. >> if you like to drink beer you may want to reconsider your favorite beer. surprising results of the consumer reports taste test autos checking the commute looking at sighways downtown approach is moving left to right is jammed up. traffic heading south actually moving nicely at this hour. stay with us. more still to come on the news at 4:00.
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checking healthy living
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news cancer race in america are continuing to fall, and a new report by american cancer society found between 2004 and 2008, the rate decreased by about 1.5% each year in men and women. death rates are falling for major cansers of the lung, cologne, breast and prostate. and incidence of other cancers such as liver and thyroid and kidney and melanoma, are, unfortunately increasing. >> we're five days into the new year, how are you doing with your resolutions? if you're struggling here is advice. first rule of thumb, be specific. don't just say i want to lose weight or handle money better, you've got to have a plan. second, be realistic. and this is hard to lose 100 pounds a year. set short term goals. >> a year is too long. set a goal fr a week, two weeks then see how you're
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doing. >> so to recap vrx a plan, make one or two resolutions per year. best glue to help stick may be resilience, saying expect set backs and get right back on track. >> and notes on the refrigerator seem to work. sometimes. bigger turned out not to be better for airlines last year in a case of chronic jet lag in customer service continued for one carrier, coming in last is american airlines. the company also leads for lost luggage last year. united scoring only slightly higher, at number six. and alaska airlines, smallest of the air carriers had the best showings, earning number one title. delta moved up five spots to number two. >> and turning to business news now, it's the most anticipated tech ipo of the decade. and there is emily chang with
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today's after the bell report. >> this is an interesting twist. for months, focus has been on potential buyers until now. sources tell us that the struggling internet giant has drawn up a wish list. it includes weather channel and web md. here is the deal. albiba would buy the weather channel then give it to yahoo in exchange for a 25% stake in alibaba. soft bank would buy web md. why this way? avoiding capitol gains taxes. it's a complicated structure that will be more complicated now that yahoo hired a new ceo. scott thompson may decide he
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doesn't want assets but something else. and weather channel may not be available. ought yes trader is on the list. it's a move to add content as yahoo tries to compete with google and facebook. and the most-anticipated ipo of the year is face book and banks want in on the action. the ipo is expected this year. the company could be valued at $100 billion z with that price comes a battle of the banks to lead the deal. so what does this take? >> show us your wears whachl are the deals you've done? morgan stanley has the edge that. is an edge for morgan stanley. they're going tout their retail. this should abe populist type deal. >> that is kiss shifting gears
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today's numbers flat. good news from labor market wasn't enough to mask disappointing profit forecasts for retailers. and and the separation would allow barns and noble to focus more on brick and mortar stores which makeup its core business. at bloomberg studios, i'm emily chang. >> thank you very much. >> and there this is winter, temperatures near 70 and it's beautiful, gorgeous out there. no rain in sight. and we're going through
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changes and a we'll talk about that in just a moment. and live picture now and is is high surf advisory going into affect at 6:00 tonight and continuing until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. so here are the records. these are highs so far. oakland 67 degrees. that is a new record tied at previous record. up to 70 degrees in livermore today, mild, 69 degrees in santa rosa. 64 in yu kaia and napa. inland east bay, and there is certainly above normal for this time of the year. numbers now into 50s and 60s and there are patches of fog. low clouds and fog tonight. breezy, cooler tomorrow and we're going with sunny, milder forecast into the weekend.
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and beyond. high surf advisory, 13-16 feet. large breaking waves with a strong rip current possibility. right now wave heights between 11 and 14 feet as reported here. and if you do happen to catch a picture from far away or video send it to us. there is a cold front moving through and didn't do much for us other than bring us high clouds. there is a ridge rebuilding and we're going to see temperatures coming up again. and tomorrow, winds are going to kick up. we're going to see a marine layer. slower clearing and cooler conditions tomorrow with a northwestern breeze 10-20 miles per hour. there is an onshore flow, speaking of dropping clouds along the coast and around the bay with temperatures there
4:21 pm
into 40s and around the bay, lingering low clouds, temperatures mid-50s low 60s. breezy, cooler tomorrow, mild weekend, plenty of sunshine. temperatures into low to mid-60s range. our dry pattern continues well into next week. >> thank you. >> and entertainment news now, television getting ready for a winter wipeout. there are new owners for iconic boy bands. >> rachel smith on the red carpet has that and more from los angeles. >> today's story is the first star of the new year on hollywood boulevard this boys to men received a star on the walk of fame. >> this is an incredible situation. you know? we're going to take it just like we take everything else.
4:22 pm
and also celebrating together the group is best known for hits like "end of the road "and they kick off the tour next week. and nick cannon has been transferred to a hospital in los angeles his wife posted a picture where he said he would be all right. it's 80 degrees in los angeles we're getting ready to chill out. bigger obstacles with a brand new host. >> this might be the coolest gig in the world. i get to watch them wipeout, comment on it, interview them. sometimes, sometimes, poke at them, but just have a great time. >> this is a new season premiering here on abc. back to you. >> and warren buffet pop star
4:23 pm
in china? yes. the unusual stage performance planned for lunar new year. >> general motors asking thousands of electric car owners to bring vehicles in for repairs. how it plans to fix a phone shallly dangerous problem. >> driving with a cold. >> and checking traffic again on a thursday afternoon, looking at 80 in berkeley. on the traffic headed towards berkeley moving smoothly. better for those heading back towards san francisco or to 580. the news at 4:00 continues.
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warren buffet is bringing his musical stylings to china he will play guitar and sing during upcoming lunar new year, he is refered in china and his books are top sellers and entrepreneurs model after him. the nebraskain billionaire's performance will be played by state television on chinese ease new year's eve and and you tube channel to parents called i gave my kids a terrible present, part ii. >> here. >> and i know how much you like soup.
4:27 pm
>> what is this? >> this is a sponge! >> put that way from me! i don't want no pickle! >> hey! be nice. >> they're not happy. a lot of upset children, some got vegetables and broccoli. well, don't destroy the kitchen, young man. others got deodorant. jimmy kimmel's live challenge viewed by more than 15 million on you tube. a lot of unhappy youngsters there. >> people are doing this on purpose? >> yes. >> making your kids cry so they can get on television? >> yes. yes. >> and this is a new world. >> yeah. okay. well moving on here. just ahead a major overhaul from the nation's military.
4:28 pm
and unusual comments by a republican presidential candidate rick santorum about a san francisco federal court and why he wants to make it go away. >> from our east bay hills camera, sunny skies. and setting a few records, tomorrow, temperatures trending down. details are coming up.
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4:30 pm
president obama made a rare appearance at the pentagon today to speak with reporters about how he wants to make a huge change in the
4:31 pm
way billions of defense dollars are being spent. >> after a decade of war, president obama announced today a major shift in defense policy. >> the size and structure of our military and defense budgets has to be driven by a strategy. >> it's a significant turning point for the pentagon. it reflects changing dynamics of the u.s. military abroad n december, the last american combat troops left iraq. the obama administration has outlined a strategy for withdrawal from afghanistan by 2014. >> yes. the tide of war is receding but question that this answers is what kind of military will we need long after the wars of the last decade are over? >> the goals of the defense review as it's called are stream lined military and tighten budget. reassess priorities. less focus on fighting two wars in iraq and afghanistan, and more focus on asia and china's rising power.
4:32 pm
cuts will announce $450 kbrinl over 10 years. and another $500 billion in cuts could be put into place if congress takes further action but there is no talk talk of dollars and cents. the obama administration emphasized the first priority is strategy. >> there is a smaller, ready, and well-equipped military is more frefrable to a larger, ill-prepared force that has been cut across the board. >> the white house made a effort to put the president right in the middle of the strategy, noting he led a half dozen meetings with top pentagon officials in september. >> a pair of new reports are giving hints of good news about the economy. median household income up between august and november. and is now at $5,876. experts say income has risen but it's below median levels
4:33 pm
before the recession. income last peaked at almost 56,000s ndz january of 2000. the labor department says the number of people getting unemployment benefits fell by 15,000 last week. the fourth drop in five weeks so good news there. and it signals hiring strong enough to reduce the rate. >> rick santorum repeated a bold statement today. he wants to abolish the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco. he told reporters that the court should be abolished and perhaps a new one created in guam. the 9th circuit has jurisdiction over guam. and also got a taste of the differences between his eve christian supporters and the granite state crowd. he was booed after advocating a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.
4:34 pm
>> and many stratists believe if romney wins race will be over. romney hammered president obama over job creation. >> i think that to create jobs it helps to have had a job in the private sector z i have. >> he only got 25% in iowa. three out of four republicans said no. so i don't see him as much of a front runner. >> and pools do not give much of a chance. >> two candidates decided to take the day off and both are spending thursday in texas. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi says it's time for congressional leaders to get back to work.
4:35 pm
and this is following a two month extension. >> we wish it would get to work and not take us to a point of breakmanship. and narrowing the choices adding to uncertainty for the american people. >> the house reconjeans january 20th. house speaker john boehner has yet to comment on the thoughts. >> casey anthony surfaced in an unusual place. >> so this is my first video diary. >> the infamous mother acquitted of murder is saying on you tube. >> best buys when it comes to beers. 7 on your side says latest results might surprise you. and taking a look at things that are moving along.
4:36 pm
>> and let's check out national travel outlook with sandhya. >> as you can see here out west there is green lights no, problems being reported here, and o'hare and midway reporting owe 30-45-minute delays. newark new jersey arriveal delays of over an hour due to weather and wind. and we have a cooler breezier forecast for tomorrow. i'll be back with a look at the forecast coming up.
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prosecutors this the trial of former egyptian president mubarak he denies charges and at 83 years old he can barely make to it trial arriving by ambulance and has to be wheeled in on a hospital gurney. prosecutors asked for him to be hanged. however, many say mubarak will likely be sentenced to time in prison. >> and it's the final video that has plenty of people talking. the woman acquitted of murdering her daughter is discussing her life on a web cam and posting it to you tube. the first time the 25-year-old has spoken publicly since the acquittal in july. >> so this is my first video diary. >> she may have short blonde hair and glasses but abc news confirmed it is casey anthony.
4:40 pm
spilling her feelings in a rambling video mess yachblgt she says she finally has things to call her own. a computer. a camera. and a pet. >> and i have someone to talk to when i'm buy myself so i'm not bothering the poor dog. i have adopted it. and i love it. >> where this video came from or why it exists is unknown. anthony does not disclose her location but says it was shot in october. >> i'll be here for many, many months more. if i get off probation early. i'll still be here at least until february. end of february. >> it's a stark contrast to the last time the world saw her on camera. this florida mother acquitted of murdering her toddler, as soon as she walked out of court she
4:41 pm
disappeared, among death threats there. is no mention of trial or her daughter. she seems focused on her future. >> i'm extremely excited that i'll be able to skype and keep a video log. >> she goes on to say she hates being on camera but hints there may be more video diaries to come. >> and just ahead at 4:00 general motors warning yorns of the chevy volt to return the cars for repairs. a live report on the phone shallly dangerous problem. >> how much for a piece of sushi? that is six figure tuna on the menu in a tokyo restaurant after a record catch. there he is, poised to discover plum amazins,
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gm is asking the owners of chevy volts to bring in their cars. it takes center stage at the international auto show. david louie is there and joins us live with more. david? >> there has been three fires
4:45 pm
happening from days to weeks after the volt was taken to a lab for testing to check its side impact safety. here is some video of the test. general motors says a coolant pack was punctured but it caused a short circuit, setting off a fire. it's used by gm to keep the battery operating in extreme temperatures. the plan to modify the pack is not a recall. gm says it's intent to assure owners vehicles are safe. >> we're going to reenforce the pack itself. and there is a monitor monitoring the level of the coolant as well as tamper proof lid that will help prevent that coolant for fluid from coming into the incident. >> anything can happen. sure, a freak accident.
4:46 pm
>> and the volt is center stage along with the electric cars. gm points out no fires have occurred involving volt owner who's have driven 0 million miles. the modification will add three pounds to the car. so let's review the safety steps for the volt including adding a sensor and adding a bracket to prevent coolant overfill. gm is expecting and offering to buy back the car or to offer loner cars to any volt owner who is concerned. despite the incident, or this negative test, there is plenty of interest in the hybrid and all-electric cars here. we'll have more on that on abc 7 news at 6:00. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> and david, thank you. if you're in the market for a used car, minus high price, a
4:47 pm
honda may be the answer for you. the 2004 honda civic sedan is number one on the new top 10 list of the best-used cars you can buy under $8,000. that model is classified as trouble free transportation and noted for affordibility. two is the 2002 infinity g 20. >> and europe's most-active volcano rumbles back to live spewing ash into the sky. coming up, how it's affecting air travel. >> beer is part of a hard day's work. if you're a professional taster. i'm michael finney. consumer reports puts beer brands to the test and i'll have results coming up. >> and michael has the best job here. later on at 5:00 one plastic bag ban. how restaurants could prevent it from being implemented. i remember the days before copd.
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taking a look from our mount tam camera of san francisco bay. gorgeous evening out there. can't tell if that is clouds but football action heating thup time of the year, where there is football, there might be beer. >> yes. >> do you think? >> beer makers are spending millions hoping to put their brands front and center leading to us michael finney with a taste now, my understanding is months of intensive testing conducted in your office. >> i had to leave work often, many days. >> and this is -- consumer reports ran taste tests to figure out which scored best on flavor.
4:52 pm
check it out. corona's commercial transports to you the beach this, ad from bud light takes you across the dance floor. before consumer reports adam cap plan, beer is part of a hard day's work. he ran blind taste tests on 10 regular, and light beers including cooors, miller light and budweiser. the beers tested came in cab can chz keep out sunlight. light can react with beer and ruin the taste. light beers have a benefit of saving 20-50 calories per can but those tested came up short on taste. >> unfortunately, none scored high enough to be rated very good. >> worst? corona light. the most-expensive light beer tested. miller lite was the best of the bunch. >> more flavor. >> as for regular beers, coors
4:53 pm
scored well ahead of budweiser. >> rated very g tastes clean. good balance. >> coors is a best buy, $6.50 for a six-pack. so you'll is more money to spend on snacks for guests. two other regular beers named best buys. trader joe's name tag and when it comes to snacks consumer reports says make healthier choices try air popped or low fat pop corn and skip cheese dips. good alternatives are salsa, which has little or no mat. >> -- fat. >> you're taking the fun out of it what is the point? >> yes. >> you want to be safe. >> yes. >> thank you. >> and let's turn our attention now to weather. >> this has been to you reports and there is really
4:54 pm
beautiful. keep them coming. looking west there, high definition east bay hills camera, fog and clouds will be with us tonight and into tomorrow morning. and there will be a cooler afternoon here in the bay area, around state, cooler in southern california. mild, los angeles, 74 degrees. 67 in san diego. high surf advisory going for that coastline and also for our coastline beginning tonight and continuing into tomorrow. 50 degrees in tahoe tomorrow. 54 for new yosemite. here in the bay area another nice-looking day. but still dry. there is upper 50s and a cooler afternoon than what he saw today. breezy, 57 half moon bay there is some mid-50s for the sunset
4:55 pm
district. 57 in downtown san francisco. and interest is temperatures running cooler than where you were today. you're coming down 62 degrees tomorrow. onshore floor kicks up. 60 degrees in napa and novato. east bay communities, 59 in oakland. union city and castro valley, heading inland. we'll see temperatures coming down from 70s to 59 degrees. cooler, breezy around the bay. 60 in santa cruz and gilroy. >> thank you. >> and italy's mount etna erupting and sending plumes of ash and this is the first of the new year, take a look at that. it could be seen flowing on the island today. officials in a nearby airport are holding a crisis meeting but flights have to the been
4:56 pm
halted. air traffic is limited in that area. central africa's most active volcano continues to flow. this gives you a view. you can see huge clouds over the region of the democratic repup lick of congo this, is what the heat looks like from space. there is a lava lake blowing there giving it a red appearance. and prized for making fine sushi air, blue fin tuna sold for $736,000 for a six. the 600 pound tuna caught north of the tsunami-battered coast fetching three quarters of a million dollars, the first auction of the year. and that is about $96 for each
4:57 pm
slice. the owner of the chain says he bought the giant blue fin because he wanted to keep knit japan. and with this new year, some he say they'd like to have christmas fall on sunday every year. how does that sound to you? that is what researchers in maryland are proposing. scholars have come up with a new calendar in which every year is identical spanning 364 days and eliminate leap yeerk tossing in a leap week every five to six years to resync with the seasons. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm larry beil. you can keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter and on facebook. the news at 5:00 continue nouz with dan and cheryl. >> shooting an intruder may seem like an open and shut case but is the law always on
4:58 pm
your side? >> and also, how claims of priest abuse by six brothers could crack open a new chapter of problems for the catholic church. >> and there is a plastic bag ban so restrictive it may never be enforced. >> good evening, i'm cheryl jenning autos tonight we know the legal fate of the 90-year-old ex-law man who got into a gun fight with an intruder. >> he got into a shootout with an armed intruder who broke into his home. and both of the men are recovering now. >> he is not expected to be charged. california law allows the use of deadly force against intruder commonly known as makely mi day rule. >> i looked around. >> sarah lives below the victim where the confrontation between the victim and the
4:59 pm
suspect took place. >> there is a bedroom up there writ happened. i saw. >> she discovered a bullet had gone through her ceiling and pieces of tile was around her desk and on the floor. she was in her unit and climbed to these stairs. >> and i heard him so oh, no. >> she ran back down stairs to call police. and the victim, a 90-year-old jay leoni shot the intruder three times. the suspect then shot leoni in the face and drove off. police found the suspect, a 30-year-old in this car. he was rushed to the hospital. and abc 7's dean johnson says he was acting in self-defense foo someone forcefully and unlawfully enters your residents, it's presume that had they're there to use deadly force and therefore, as a


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